M.A.R.C for SAP

A perfect choice for supporting your:

  • A Powerful SOD identification and reporting application for SAP systems
  • Compliance tool for SAP Control Monitoring
  • Risk Execution Monitor: it’s a M.A.R.C risk execution detection engine which helps you to identify potential business Sod risks executed by an SAP User
  • SAP Access, identity management services in a shared -service model which facilitate effective services at low-cost mode

M.A.R.C for Non - SAP

We are open to customize M.A.R.C solution to adopt its capabilities to be extended to any Non SAP system as well.

  • A customizable SOD identification and reporting tool for Non - SAP systems
  • Customizable compliance tool for Non - SAP Control Monitoring for critical business configurations

Security and Authorization Scan, Implementation

Let us help in your SAP authorization, role design implementations projects. We are committed to apply the best role design practices, automation processes in role design and build phase which drastically reduce the implementation time and increase accuracy.Leveraging M.A.R.C ACM would be more handy for organization to have a SOD risk free roles.

Leveraging M.A.R.C ACM would be more handy for organization to have a SOD risk free roles

GRC Access Control Implementation

Proven experience in designing, deploying and operating access management solutions for organizations running SAP. With deep technical and business process expertise, our SAP Security and GRC specialists will ensure you optimize access provisioning, whilst removing segregation of duties (SoD) conflicts.

No matter what your starting point, we can help.

Access & Identity Management Support Services

We have expertise and experience in managing SAP GRC governance services. As we follow shared service support model for GRC support services, your costs for the access, identity management comes down and increased efficient