Privileged Access Management: grants temporary broad access for emergency situations to privileged ID’s for support teams in a controlled way. All the transactions used by these Privileged ID’s are tracked and reviewed.

Privilege Access

Grant privileged access to support teams in a controlled way.

  • Get rid of permanent assignment of super user roles to users in production systems.
  • Instead grant privileged access on ‘need basis’ only
Easy Configuration

Easy and straight forward representation of the emergency access process.

  • ID based configuration which is easy to understand and to configure
  • Simple UI to manage privileged id accounts , reviewers, owners etc.

Configurable workflow for privileged access management to define who approves the activation of privileged ID’s and who reviews the log of Privilege ID usage.

  • Avoid manual follow-up activities to grant requests for privileged access: automated workflow does it for you.
  • Complete audit trail reports help to analyse, investigate when privilege access was requested, approved and reviewed.

Configuration of notifications to Requesters, Owners and Reviewers:

  • Notification to privileged access owner when there is any request entered
  • Upon completion of privileged access usage: executed transaction details.
Review Transaction and Change Logs

View transactions executed by privileged IDs in SAP systems.

  • Analyse the respective change documents
  • View SoD risks executed by a privileged ID within requested duration
  • Usage of PAM review rules to have critical changes highlighted while reviewing privileged access usage.

Interactive drill-down dashboard to visualize privileged access usage across connected SAP systems.

  • Understand how many times privileged access check-out
  • Overview of overall PAM requests for given duration i.e. requests approved, usage approved, rejected.