SAP License Management

Posted Sep 15, 2018
How to save on your SAP user license costs!
Manual way of optimizing SAP user licenses is a tedious task and in-effective too due to complex system landscapes, multiple systems, high volume of users and variety license types.... Read more

MARC Installation : Windows

Posted Mar 16, 2018
MARC Application Installation process for Windows Operating System. Installer supports Windows 64 bit desktop versions 7 & 10 and server versions 2012, 2016.... Read more

Mitigation Controls Monitoring

Posted Mar 16, 2018
This video is a walk-through of mitigation control monitoring process in MARC application suite. Companies struggle to address audit concerns with respect to how mitigation controls reviewed and this is a tedious and time consuming process.... Read more

Topforce Alliance : GRC Innovations

Posted May 15, 2017
Fellow speakers at the event were selected from TopForce's eight most influential companies in the field of SAP and GRC. Situated in the frankly stunning De Glazen Ruimte, Maarssen, the event is widely regarded as the one of the most important in our industry.... Read more

GRC Made Easy

Posted May 10, 2016
We were fortunate enough to receive an invitation from Inc. Q Consulting and XS Control Asia to speak at their event “GRC Made Easy: Keeping Pace With New Developments in SAP”. Held at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, in Suntec City, this represented a fitting opportunity to liaise with new and current clients and also demonstrate some of the latest features of our software platform.... Read more